10 Week Challenge Wrap up week – Exercises

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T = Tremor Dominant
AI = Agility Impaired
B = Bradykinesia

Keep arms straight and if they start to drop have a short rest. Rotating as quickly as you can and hit your clean, crisp end point Pausing after each position. Stay light on your feet – pivot through you back foot (rotating left, squish the bug with your right foot).
Rhythm is important – try to make it a smooth 1, 2, 3, 4 rather than 1, 2…. 1, 2. Ensure knees are coming up as high as possible with each step – especially on the way back When adding the arms, ensure you don’t lose power with the legs. When adding the arms ensure you have good power in the push / pull aspect. Slow down your rhythm to achieve higher amplitude.
Build up the progression slowly – Start with side to side, then add the arms, then add the dynamic movement around the dots. Aim for 2 seconds on each leg – focus on equal time on each leg. You should be stiff from shoulders to feet, palms facing down. Mental Imagery – Imagine you are looking out the side of a phone box.
Use a tissue box or foam block to step over – imagine it is as 3x higher. 2-part exercise – pause in the open position and ensure you have just as much power on the return phase. Mental imagery – Imagine you are bursting out on stage and ripping the curtains open. Shouting TAHDAH! And BACK! Will improve power and practice vocal projection.
Pause in the squat position for 3 seconds. Ensure just as much power on the PULL as the push. Shout STOP! And PULL! – This helps with the power and is good voice projection practice. Mental imagery – Imagine you are pushing an elephant and then pulling him back Focus on symmetry between L and R arms.
3 part exercise – Pause after each part. Pause is important to give a short rest and allow you to stretch into the best position possible. Use a tissue box to step over and imagine it as 3X higher. When turning – if turning to the left, lead with the left leg and vise versa.
Keep arms straight and if they start to drop have a short rest. Rotating as quickly as you can and hit your clean, crisp end point Pausing after each position. Stay light on your feet – pivot through you back foot (rotating left, squish the bug with your right foot).
Ensure your feet are in split stance (not side by side). eep eyes on your target and use your elbows and wrists to develop power in your throw rather than arching your back. Pause after each throw – if you have caught the ball, take a step back to force yourself to produce a harder throw next rep.
Flick your hand open as wide as possible when throwing. Keep your hand in the air and snatch down on to it – imagine someone is trying to beat you to the scarf. Follow through with the catching arm and pull your arm forward – you should end up in a similar position as “over the river”. Pause and stretch in this end position. Mental imagery – Imagine a powerful tennis serve – except you are throwing and hitting the ball with the same hand
Mental imagery – Grab a handful of sticky confetti and throw it as far as you can to the opposite side. Focus on flicking your hand as wide and open as you can. When reaching out to the side ensure you are hitting a clean, crisp end point. Keep your eyes on the throwing hand.



The tracker is designed to help you track the amount of time you spend in scheduled exercise each day. Scheduled exercise is activity you have prioritised in your day for health and to help slow your Parkinson’s down. This might include PD Warrior exercise, fast walking, golfing, going to the gym etc. It does not include incidental activity such as housework & gardening (although we hope this increases too). The aim of the tracker is to help you build an exercise habit and to keep you accountable, so try and enter something each day.
At the end of the 10 Week Challenge you can download and review your overall performance.

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