Will Boag’s Poem

PD Warrior Living Legends

Meet Will Boag, one of our PD Warrior Living Legends who is an extremely talented poet. Will, embracing his PD talent aims to write one poem each day, here is one of his Parkinson’s poems that he recited to us on World Parkinson’s Day.

There is an-other voice that speaks; It’s hard to watch as saliva leaks
And often it is hard to hear; Anxiety’s another fear.
And then you shake, it draws attention; Or you forget what else to mention,
You may also flail like a wonky puppet; Or collapse in a ball as would a muppet.
You can be on your toes like a ballerina; Then quickly sit cause someone’s seen ya,
You freeze and find you can’t get goin’; And wish that you had taken up sewin’.
Your muscles tighten and the pain is bad; And you think ‘what’s next’ and feel a little sad,
Your tummy’s confused and you need more fibre; So desperate you search through cyber.
They also say to change your diet; The gut is where you have to fight it,
You wear a helmet and torch your tummy; Your grandkids think you’re really funny.
You then can stim -ulate your brain; But a lot of you goes down the drain,
And ultra sound it leaves a scar; Which can’t be changed if you go too far.
And then to bed where you can’t sleep; Or hallucinate if sleep is deep,
Then you lash out but someone’s there; They wake with a bruise, it just ain’t fair.
And then you try to have a cuddle; But no she won’t cause you’re in trouble,
In the ‘morn’ you can’t get out of bed; It’s going to get worse, it’s that you dread.
Our biggest danger’s called apathy; Which limits our wish for empathy,
If we find that key there’s lots to unlock; And then no longer will we watch the clock.
There’s still a chance of a fulfilling life; Despite your body getting in to strife,
It’s about working hard cause there’s lots to do; You’ve an option, and it’s really up to  you.
No matter the volume you still have a voice; Let apathy go and make your choice,
On April 11 it’s Parkinson’s Day; And that’s our chance to have our say.

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