Positively Parkinson’s Challenge – “The Big Splash 2021”

The Positively Parkinson’s Challenge 2021 is “The Big Splash”, a swimming campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise, a wider understanding of Parkinson’s disease and funds for the charity Cure Parkinson’s.

Positively Parkinson’s was co-founded by Vicky Knight, a PD Warrior instructor and co-director of LV Rehabilitation and Peter Burns, a PD Warrior who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017. The Big Splash is part of the wider Positively Parkinson’s Challenge initiative to help people with Parkinson’s adjust to life after their diagnosis, so that they can live the best life that they possibly can, have a positive mindset and to face the Challenges ahead, with the support and help of a caring community.

How to get involved
• Sign up for free, with our registration form.
• Choose your distance and aim to complete it between 7 August – 1 December.
• Set up your JustGiving page to start fundraising.
• Share your challenge with family, friends and your social media networks. Ask them to
help out by sponsoring you or joining in with the swim themselves. Remember to tag
us so we can share what you’re up to!
• Get swimming!

Solent Sea Swim – Saturday 7 August 2021
Vicky, Peter and fellow PD Warrior Julio d’Escrivan are part of a Parkinson’s team comprising people diagnosed with Parkinson’s plus family and friends, who will take up the Challenge of swimming the Solent from Gosport to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, a distance of some 5,000 metres to raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s.

5k Pool Swim – August to December 2021
Supporting the Solent Sea Swim there is a Swimming Pool based 5k Challenge which is open to all swimmers to partake at their convenience in their local swimming pool. The aim is to swim the Solent Sea Swim distance of 5,000 metres (200 lengths of a 25m pool) cumulatively between August and December. Whilst some might not be able to achieve the 5k distance, there are other targets for them to choose from, which will make achieving their target distance a major achievement.

Further information, updates, social media and donations can be found on the following websites:

Facebook: Positively Parkinson’s Challenge
Instagram: positivelyparkinsonschallenge
Website: www.positivelyparkinsons.co.uk
Donations: www.justgiving.com/campaign/positivelyparkinsons-swimchallenge2020

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January – Julio d’Escrivan

Julio is the perfect example of dreaming big and not letting Parkinson’s Disease put a ceiling on what you think you can achieve. Remember your goals and achievements are specific to YOU. Your marathon might be successfully walking around the block. Your Ironman might be climbing a set of stairs with more confidence. I hope you find Julio’s story as motivating as I did:
I am a composer of music for audio=visual media and a Senior Lecturer in Music and Sound for The Screen at the University of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire…




The tracker is designed to help you track the amount of time you spend in scheduled exercise each day. Scheduled exercise is activity you have prioritised in your day for health and to help slow your Parkinson’s down. This might include PD Warrior exercise, fast walking, golfing, going to the gym etc. It does not include incidental activity such as housework & gardening (although we hope this increases too). The aim of the tracker is to help you build an exercise habit and to keep you accountable, so try and enter something each day.
At the end of the 10 Week Challenge you can download and review your overall performance.

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