March Warrior Spirit Award – Lorna

Congratulations to our March Warrior Spirit award winner – Lorna. 

Lorna is currently completing her 2nd 10 week challenge in less than 2 years! There are so many great lessons in Lorna’s story from celebrating her wow moments, staying motivated and what impresses me most is how well she is incorporating the PDW principals into her daily life and reaping the rewards as a result!

I hope you enjoy Lorna’s story:

“I was diagnosed 16 months ago. My  symptoms were mild with one hand shaking, occasionally very slight leg shaking, and my hand writing not as it was.  I saw the neurologist who asked “ do you have anything you are anxious about” –  I said  – “the only thing am anxious about is if you diagnose this is Parkinson’s” –  response  …”yes you do  have Parkinson’s”. I was very astonished about the way that devastating news was delivered! I asked how he could be so sure and apparently I was not swinging one arm.  He gave me some pills for the hand shaking, which didn’t work.  Anyhow by that time I had found a much better neurologist and my hand no longer shakes.

I also saw a neuro physio, who gave me some exercises but she crucially mentioned PDW – and I have not looked back and I would recommend  PDW to anyone with PD. Those exercise most certainly work – they boost ones confidence as well !

I started my first 10 week challenge last Spring and was amazed at the progress I made –  my balance was  very much better – I was walking better and just as importantly I felt much better and in control – both my daughters commented that I was much more bouncy than previously. My legs astonishing are now a better shape!! If I hear some nice music on the radio I practice penguin waddle. Whilst doing my make up I put what I need behind me so I have to rotate to get it – ok it takes fractionally longer but only about a minute or so.  I deliberately take longer strides even if it’s just putting the bins out, walking from the car to supermarket.

I do not like exercise, however, the PDW exercises are actually fun – amazing to admit, and I like their names too. I give myself a little reward  when I  finish the exercises – something small like a cappuccino or a nice salad for lunch  – it gives me a focus while exercising. Ok it does require commitment to do the exercises, but I say to myself – are you going to let Parkinson’s control your life, or are you going stay fit and keep going. Definitely keep going. and stay fit.

I now deliberately take longer strides – and the first wow moment was having focused daily on my arm swing.  I noticed after about 4 months that it started to swing again normally and it still does! The second wow moment was that the exercises give me a buzz when completed for the day. I have 10 clocks in this house and have to wind them regularly.  Another wow moment was my writing improved and I think it was with the continuous movement of winding. My balance is much better since Frogger Flick and I just feel better all round !!

I am now a few weeks into my second 10 week challenge, and thank you all for such great support Melissa, Fleur, May and Jason.

Best wishes

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