Jan’s Parkinson’s Story

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease two years ago. My symptoms I think are still minor and people cannot believe I have Parkinson’s. But of course, I can feel the symptoms, they are just not visible to others.

I thoroughly enjoyed the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge. Right from day one, I was recognising what my challenges were, with the exercises presented to me. I realised my balance and coordination were a big part of my problem.

I was having difficulty multitasking. For example, walking, talking and turning to talk to a friend when walking, feeling dizzy and unbalanced in certain situations, such as navigating my way through a crowded room. Hills make me fearful, due to a feeling of poor balance.

Going to the movies has been challenging too. Negotiating stairs in semi-light, and negotiating my way past people to my seat as well as sitting for a long time, then pulling myself up to stand is not easy. But, I am very lucky that I have remained very fit and healthy over the years. Exercise has always been my enjoyable place.

I used to walk, run, attend the gym, and in later years biking. I had a very physical job as a nurse. I didn’t do a lot of stretch exercises. So, I was fit but not flexible. My Flexing exercises were done quickly to get them over and done with.

Following my diagnosis of Parkinson’s I felt I should include exercises to challenge my flexibility and core strength. I am having one-on-one Pilates sessions fortnightly and a weekly Pilates class, I also attend a boxing class once a week.

We have a small gym at home which I also use on rainy or cold days or days I just want to mix it up a bit. Doing the 10 Week Challenge has surprised me. I have the flexibility and strength I believe are so important when living with Parkinson’s. Pilates has helped to consolidate strength and flexibility.

I have a daily routine of exercise that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. I have the privilege of time because I retired following diagnosis. I was happy to see boxing added to the PD Warrior’s exercises. I attend PD boxing exercises once a week. The PD exercises are more challenging physically and mentally.

The physical multitasking exercises of exercises has been challenging and frustrating because I have taken a few days to get it together. Then I feel an achievement when I bring it together and I realise how important these exercises are for PD.

I am a Potter, doing fine handwork making flowers and creating figures this seems to help my dexterity and so far my tremor is very minor. I also think knitting helps. Adding the PD ball exercises I think is so important to increasing the strength and mobility of hands.

Anxiety plays a big role in my PD therefore my potter is my relaxing place and I use my hands, which calms the world. I am very motivated therefore will continue the exercises from the program of PD warrior. I will add here I do have days off but on those days off I treat myself with one or two exercises. Every day when I step out of bed, I have a little routine that lasts about 10 mins. I believe they are essential to waking my body so I can move more freely in it.

I have good days that my husband and I celebrate when they arrive. We have bad days like everyone but they help us celebrate the good days.

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