Finding the joy in movement

This month we have been focusing on how to bring more movement in to your life and importantly, how to bring a neuro-active approach to that movement to ensure you optimise every opportunity. Part of achieving this consistently is learning to enjoy exercise and to enjoy movement.

We move less and exercise less than at any time in history and therefore require scheduling and prioritisation to ensure movement, but that is only part of the solution…

Scheduling alone is not enough.

Exercise in modern life has for many become a chore and for many is considered a punishment or something to repent for. The public opinion is that exercise is about burning off energy, burning off calories and considered a punishment for enjoying life. One indulgence requires a pay-off.

This is very one dimensional and does not factor in the appreciation and simple joy of movement. The human body is remarkable and has an enormous capacity to compensate, adjust and recover. Parkinson’s does not change this, it may just alter the scale on which that can occur.

Part of the solution to increasing movement, increasing overall activity levels then may require a perspective change. This can be encouraged by taking the time to focus on the joy derived from any and all movement and trying to increase incidental movement for the fun of it. As well as improving daily function and efficiency, movement and exercise also helps to reduce stress, helps to improve our mood and so much more.

You don’t have to exercise… you GET to exercise. Movement is a privilege.

Is there a way to use movement to connect you with joy? Exercising with friends and family, being outside enjoying the sun on your face, walking in nature? Find what brings you joy with movement and do more of that while building up your fitness and condition with scheduled exercise.

Please let us know how you go.

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The tracker is designed to help you track the amount of time you spend in scheduled exercise each day. Scheduled exercise is activity you have prioritised in your day for health and to help slow your Parkinson’s down. This might include PD Warrior exercise, fast walking, golfing, going to the gym etc. It does not include incidental activity such as housework & gardening (although we hope this increases too). The aim of the tracker is to help you build an exercise habit and to keep you accountable, so try and enter something each day.
At the end of the 10 Week Challenge you can download and review your overall performance.

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