PD Warrior’s Online 10 Week Challenge

PD Warrior’s Online 10 Week Challenge is the leading exercise rehabilitation program for Parkinson’s. Designed by renowned neuro physiotherapist, Melissa McConaghy, the 10 Week Challenge is tailored to suit your type of Parkinson’s. This rehab program will make you move, stretch and sweat, but most of all you will feel good.

The 10 Week Challenge has been designed from the latest science and tested on thousands of people over the years to ensure that you get the best chance of slowing your symptom progression down. Even if you’re a fit person who exercises regularly you will still benefit from the PD Warrior way of exercise because it is specific to Parkinson’s, your symptoms and your response to exercise. Done right, the 10 Week Challenge will help you move, look, and feel better than ever and ultimately help you to live better with Parkinson’s.

You can do the 10 Week Challenge at one of our licensed facilities or through our online program with or without the assistance of our neurological therapist coaches from the comfort of your home. Depending on your energy and fitness levels the 10 Week Challenge can be done in addition to your regular exercise routine or instead of. It’s entirely up to you.

Participants average 45 minutes per day, 7 days a week doing the program. Some days the exercises are a little quicker, other days slightly longer.

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The tracker is designed to help you track the amount of time you spend in scheduled exercise each day. Scheduled exercise is activity you have prioritised in your day for health and to help slow your Parkinson’s down. This might include PD Warrior exercise, fast walking, golfing, going to the gym etc. It does not include incidental activity such as housework & gardening (although we hope this increases too). The aim of the tracker is to help you build an exercise habit and to keep you accountable, so try and enter something each day.
At the end of the 10 Week Challenge you can download and review your overall performance.

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