July – Lorraine Juliana

Congratulations Lorraine Juliana! The winner of the July Warrior Spirit award!

I gave Lorraine some homework at the end of her 10 week challenge, I challenged her to think of 3-4 different ways to incorporate PD Warrior principles into daily life and to review her goals and consider some new goals post 10WC.

I was blown away by her level or organisation, ability to build on feedback and her dedication to the PD Warrior concepts moving forward.

Here is what Lorraine had to say about her experience with PD Warrior so far:

“I decided to use my time in self isolation to develop good exercise patterns and routines.
I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in late 2013. I had been shown exercises in the past but found it challenging to remember how to do them properly by myself. I needed access to an online exercise program.

What I learned from the PDWarrior 10 week Challenge was how to function at a higher level. My everyday movements have improved and are more powerful.

The Challenge has changed my perspective from living with Parkinsons in a positive way to being more proactive in managing and maintaining my physical well being. It has given me the opportunity to kick start a more balanced life. I prioritised exercise and focused my commitment to complete the challenge.

An integral part of my success with the Challenge was the support of my coach. His feedback, recording of the sessions and learning to layer exercises enabled me to successfully tackle exercises that had been a struggle.

Perspective is a clear overall view of what is happening now and at the same time looks beyond current circumstances to where you want to be.

It’s been said that you can’t cross the ocean merely by standing and staring at the water.
To be successful you need to start, maintain your motivation and finish.

Planning, goal setting and applying feedback to build on my abilities were crucial skills to develop and helped me to complete the challenge.

The value of developing Self Feedback skills was that greater awareness and insight were created by slowing and layering exercises. This resulted in being able to observe and create an internal dialogue that kept me on track and improving.

Knowing I am now able to function at a higher level with improved stamina has given me the confidence and energy to say Yes to life’s opportunities.”

Outstanding effort Lorraine! I look forward to hearing you knock down your goals one by one!

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