Tribe Feed Forums 2024 Insight Parkinson’s and Mitohormesis | Dr Matthew Phillips Reply To: Parkinson’s and Mitohormesis | Dr Matthew Phillips

  • Matthew Phillips

    16/04/2024 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Linda, thank you.

    Metformin and other meds work along similar lines to fasting and keto diet protocols, but they are much, much weaker. To my view, too many meals + processed carbs leads to elevated insulin, which in turn overwhelms the cell and mitochondria with glucose, which produces excess electron flow in the mitochondria, which leads to excess reactive oxygen species, which leads to damage.

    As for exercise and cold water exposure, yes the induce dopamine and that is good. However, viewing PD as a disorder of inadequate dopamine is a bit superficial – nly looking at the “tip” of themetabolic iceberg. In my view, the main long-term benefit of these strategies is to induce mitohormesis when done properly, but they need to be balanced out with the opposite. Exercise balanced with deep rest recovery protocols. Cold (or hot) temperature exposure balanced out with ambient temperatures. Etc.

    Cheers, Matt.

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