Tribe Feed Forums 2024 Insight Does exercise attenuate disease progression in people with Parkinson’s disease? | Dr Serene Paul Reply To: Does exercise attenuate disease progression in people with Parkinson’s disease? | Dr Serene Paul

  • Caroline Nicholas

    11/04/2024 at 4:58 pm

    I believe the idea, early in the presentation, that exercise is neuroprotective is a chicken and egg thing. It all depends on what causes the disease and we do not know this. After my diagnosis at 47, I could see that I had had some symptoms associated with the disease for many years (e.g. my left arm did not swing when I walked) and some perhaps telltale signs all my life, e.g. I was never very good at ball games or cycling as a child, lacking good co-ordination and balance. So, I was never ‘sporty’ or enjoyed exercise. I suggest that, rather than exercise being a neuroprotector against PD, those who are not going to develop the disease are simply better at sports and exercise generally and consequently enjoy it and partake in it more.

    We all know that exercise is good for health and wellbeing. It is particularly important for those with Parkinson’s because it can alleviate stiffness, improve posture and flexibility, and strengthen our core to help with stability, for example. However, our symptoms, like stiffness, poor balance, impaired gait and pain can make exercise more difficult and rule out certain options. Please stop using unnecessary animal models to research this. There are plenty of people with Parkinson’s who would be happy to help you eliminate animal suffering and give you more accurate and more meaningful results.

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