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  • Robyn Higgins

    12/04/2023 at 11:06 am

    Hi again Tianna

    The question was also asked earlier.

    My response….

    The ProPD chart has been modified by my husband to enable weekly recording of the following



    Exercise equipment



    The 30 or so most common symotoms are rated as either

    not experienced 0, no points

    have had it but is managed and no longer presenting as a problem 1 point

    eg constipation

    Mild 25 points

    Moderate 50 points

    Severe 75 points

    Very Severe 100 points

    Those points are calculated to give a weekly total which goes into a chart to give an overall picture of impact of symptoms.It’s about watching progression and comparing with the common rates as indicated on Pro PD

    We have noticed that vacation times my score increases until I return to normal routine….or look at meds, perhaps

    We can look at what I’ve been doing to judge why and what changes need to be the target for the upcoming weeks to try to get it to a 1 point.

    It helps over time to remember and is useful for informing the neurologist.


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